FixWin Did you ever wonder how you could restore the Recycle Bin to the Windows desktop or why you were unable to open help files? FixWin is a free portable tool that allows you to fix 50 such typical problems under Windows 7 and Vista.

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One of the advantages of Windows from a user's perspective is that it comes with countless configuration options that can be changed easily. Competing operating systems either support much fewer options (the marketing guys of this company call this ease of use) or offer a comparable number of choices but only for command line geeks (the supporters of this OS often claim that GUIs are only for lusers or lamers).

From an administrator's perspective, the disadvantage of this flexibility of Windows is that users can easily mess up their desktop. It is amazing how users manage to find new Windows switches you have never heard of. Of course, they will call you when they want to revert the change but have forgotten how they changed this setting.

In such a case, you can fire up FixWin and repair the mess with just a mouse click. I think, the idea of such a one-click repair tool is great. However, there are certainly more than 50 common Windows issues. Encourage the guys at The Windows Club to add more fixes in the future by emailing them your favorite Windows issues that you would like to see included in FixWin. I tried FixWin 1.1.

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