FileTypesMan A while back, I discussed a few freeware tools that allow you to edit file types in Windows more conveniently than with the built-in Windows tools. Commenters brought another tool to my attention, NirSoft FileTypesMan, which is certainly worthy of a short review. This portable utility has all the essential features and is easy to use.

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FileTypesMan displays all file types in a table with columns that show all relevant parameters. You can sort the table according to each column, which makes it easy to locate file types, MIME types, extensions, etc. The tool also has a search function.

FileTypesMan Edit File TypesChanging file associations is quite easy with FileTypesMan. You just have to click on the row for a certain file extension and then select one of the actions (open, edit, print, etc.). You can replace the icon that is displayed in Windows Explorer by selecting one of the available Windows symbols. You can also add your own associations, which FileTypesMan adds to Windows Explorer's context menu. Unfortunately, however, the tool doesn't allow you to change associations of multiple extensions in one go.

Editing file types is straightforward (see screenshot above for all options), as is replacing the file type for a selected extension with another file type. FileTypesMan supports HTML reports, and it is also possible to save the details of selected file types to a text file. I tested FileTypes v1.56.

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  1. Jack 1 month ago

    This is a very good piece of portable software that would not be needed if the &#^!~* at Microsoft had not made Windows so user HOSTILE.

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