File Permissions Check is a free tool that allows you to compare the permissions of files with their parent folder and then fix discrepancies.

Submitted by Chris Wright

Most of the time, we set permissions on folders rather than on individual files, and we expect all of the files that ever go into those folders to just inherit permissions from there. However, sometimes files can end up having different permissions from those of their parent folder (either having inheritance broken or inheriting permissions but having additional explicit permissions). It could be that another admin changed these permissions or a user moved files rather than copied them, which caused permissions on the files to no longer match their folder.

File Permissions Check

File Permissions Check

File Permissions Check was designed to make it quick and easy to scan all files in a folder structure and report the files that do not have permissions that are identical to those of their parent folder. After the tool locates such files, you can either use the tool to “fix” the permissions (by setting them back to inheriting and, optionally, removing any explicit permissions) or you can simply right-click them and open their properties in Explorer to look at their exact permissions. You can also export results to a CSV file or an HTML file for further use later.

Fix permissions

Fix Permissions

File Permissions Check


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