Extended Task ManagerFree Extended Task Manager adds a few useful features to the Windows Task Manager. The tool does not have as many functions as Process Explorer or Process Hacker, but it could be particularly useful if you are having performance problems and want to quickly find the culprit.

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If your computer behaves sluggishly, then there are usually three possible causes: An application occupies too many CPU resources, needs too much RAM, or keeps your hard disk busy. Free Extended Task Manager tool adds a third graph to the Performance tab that displays the disk input/output activity. This way, you'll see all three important parameters (CPU usage, RAM usage, Disk I/O) at a glance.

Once you know which of the three parameters is affected, you can hover with the mouse over the corresponding chart. Extended Task Manager will then display the process that occupies most of the resources.

Extended Task Manager Performance

Another interesting feature is the "freeze function". It allows you to stop a process without terminating it. As soon as you resume the process, it will just continue where it stopped. Thus, if an application demands too many resources at an inconvenient moment, you can just freeze it and let it continue once you have finished your work. A typical example is if a backup program keeps your hard disk so busy that the whole system performance is affected. However, I am not sure if all applications will like such rude intervention.

Extended Task Manager - Freeze Locked Files

I also like the features that enable you to determine by what process a file has been locked. Locked files can't be deleted or moved, which can be annoying at times. Free Extended Task Manager can display all files locked by a selected process and it can find all processes locking a specified file.

Free Extended Task Manager


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