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NetWrix Event Log Manager - Event Log Collector NetWrix Event Log Manager is a free event log consolidation, alerting and archiving tool, that allows you to collect events logs from multiple computers across the network, alert on most critical events, and centrally store all events in a compressed format, enabling convenient analysis archived event log data.

The free version supports up to 10 servers. The product also has a commercial version that supports unlimited number of servers, features long-term archiving storage and distributed data collection for highest performance. The long-term archiving of event logs is required by compliance regulations, e.g. SOX and HIPPA require 7 years of data, PCI requires 1 year.
Features and benefits:

  • Event Log Archiving
  • Event Log Consolidation
  • Real-Time Alerting
  • Web-based Reporting
  • Includes predefined reports for regulatory compliance

Event Log Manager


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