EMCO Remote Registry Exporter is a free tool that allows exporting registry keys or backing up the entire registry from network PCs.

Submitted by Igor Vinnykov

Windows registry is an important source of information for network administrators. Many of us have own stories telling how to extract some hidden information from the registry or apply registry tweaks to change the Windows or applications behavior. No doubt, accessing raw data stored in the registry requires some knowledge, but sometimes it is the only way to check the system or application settings. If you need a tool to help you with accessing registry information on remote PCs, a free EMCO Remote Registry Exporter is right for you.

Export registry EMCO Remote Registry Exporter

EMCO Remote Registry Exporter

By using EMCO Remote Registry Exporter, you can get access to registry information on remote computers. The application allows you to export selected registry keys or the entire registry from remote PCs and store exported information as .REG files. Using this feature, you can organize a centralized backup of registry information from remote PCs. Alternatively, you may use this tool to get access to particular information on remote PCs, which is stored in the registry. For example, you can check if Adobe Flash is installed, detect the default browser or verify the installed version of a particular application on remote PCs by exporting the corresponding registry keys.

The application allows you to export registry information from remote PCs located in the local network (either in a workgroup or a domain) if you have an administrative access. To export the registry data, you have to specify the set of keys (or the entire registry) and the PCs to export information from. When the operation is completed, the exported data is stored on the local file system in form of .REG files created for every remote computer. Files are stored in a standard REGEDIT5 format, so you can parse them later for information or apply automatically through regedit. For example, you can back up the entire registry of remote PCs before the system is updated to be able to restore the registry if something goes not as expected.

Automation of export tasks is one of the important features of EMCO Remote Registry Exporter. If you need to perform export only once, you can execute this operation immediately. If you plan to repeat the same operation multiple times, you can create a task that would include export options and a list of target PCs, and then execute this task anytime with a single click. Also, if you need to perform export regularly, you can schedule this task for automatic execution. The application allows creating tasks for one-time and recurrent executions. All those tasks can be managed in the calendar view.

You can use the application to organize centralized registry export across the entire networks you manage. If you have doubts about managing the export results, you really have nothing to worry about with EMCO Remote Registry Exporter. The application is designed to be used in corporate networks and let administrators automate their registry export tasks. You can easily check the export execution status for every remote PC and for every task, and get detailed error reports and troubleshooting information in case of problems.

EMCO Remote Registry Exporter


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