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In a previous article I discussed how to unlock locked files and folders using the Unlock IT. This utility can unlock a resource by closing the file/DLL handles that point at the locked resource or by terminating the processes that hold locks. Both of these approaches require modification of the current environment, which is not always possible. Just imagine, for example, that you need to replace a system file, but you just cannot terminate a system process. Is there a standard approach for this?

Delete move rename locked files - MoveOnBoot

System files replacement is a standard operation in Windows. When you install a system update, you often get prompted to make a system reboot. As you may know, system files are physically replaced on reboot before starting the system services and acquiring locks for resources. You can utilize this approach, too, for your need to delete, move or rename locked resources. All boot actions are managed through the registry.

A free EMCO MoveOnBoot utility hides all the complex specification of boot action commands in the registry and provides you with a simple interface that allows defining delete, move or rename files/folders operations to be performed during the next reboot.

The standard Windows technology used in this tool has some limitations - for example, you cannot move a resource to another disk or manage resources on external drives. However, this tool is a good addition to your unlocking tool that can be used when it isn't not possible to manage locked resources in any other way.

EMCO MoveOnBoot


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