Introducing EMCO MAC Address Scanner - a brand new freeware tool for Windows that allows extracting MAC addresses from network PCs.

Submitted by Igor Vinnykov

As is well known, a MAC address is a unique serial number that identifies the network card and distinguishes it from all others. While most network operations use an IP address to identify the target, some require a MAC address as well. For example, you need to know the MAC address of the remote PC if you need to turn it on remotely using the Wake-on-LAN technology. Under Windows, you can find out the computer MAC address by using the standard ipconfig utility, but it can only work on a local PC. To extract MAC addresses from remote computers, you have to use specialized network utilities and EMCO MAC Address Scanner is one of them.

Free MAC Address Scanner von EMCO

EMCO MAC Address Scanner

EMCO MAC Address Scanner is a network application designed to extract MAC addresses from PCs located in a corporate network. It allows scanning the entire network and detecting MAC addresses for every discovered PC. Alternatively, you can scan selected workgroups or domains, a range of IP addresses or a particular PC only. Multiple scan operations are performed in parallel to reduce the time required to scan large networks.

During a network scan, the application detects PCs available within the selected workgroups, domains or IP range and tries to extract their MAC addresses. If an attempt to extract such an address fails, the application repeats the attempt using a different MAC detection mechanism. The current version uses the Neighbor Discovery, NetBIOS, WinAPI and WMI methods, and only if all of them fail, the application reports that the MAC address is not detected. Usually, it may happen if you don't have an administrative access to the remote PC. In this case, you can find the respective error message in the application log and try to resolve the problem by specifying alternate credentials to be used to connect to a particular PC or a group of PCs.

EMCO Free MAC Address Scanner - Applying Alternate Credentials

Applying Alternate Credentials

When the network enumeration is complete, the application displays a list of scanned PCs with their MAC addresses. Those PCs that have not revealed their MAC addresses can be rescanned with one mouse click. Once you are satisfied with the result, you can export the collected information to an XML or a CSV file for future use as input for other tools such as the Wake-on-LAN utility, for example.


Export MAC addresses

EMCO MAC Address Scanner

  1. Thom 12 years ago

    Its a shame the WOL functionality isn’t included directly, otherwise its a nice app

    By the way, you can get remote computers MAC addresses by typing the following command

    getmac /s

  2. Thom 12 years ago

    I know about that, which is why I was surprised these 2 apps aren’t combined into one!

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