EASEUS Todo Backup Free Edition is a free backup program that supports backups of disks/partitions and files/folders, clone disks/partitions, universal restores and disk upgrades under Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.

Submitted by Cindy Su

EASEUS Todo Backup Free is free for home and business users and offers many features that usually only commercial backup solutions have. The easy-to-use backup program doesn't come with spyware or the need to install a browser toolbar.

Free Backup Program - Easeus Todo Backup Free Edition

Main features

  • Restore or deploy system images to dissimilar hardware configuration for hardware
  • Windows PE and Linux based bootable disk for backup & recovery
  • Incremental disk/file backup for saving disk space
  • Network shared file backup
  • Automated schedule backup

Free Backup Program - Easeus Todo Backup Free Edition - Tools

Additional features

  • Back up system state and files, including the operating system, installed applications
    on-the-fly, and specified file types under Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
  • Clone hard drive disk or transfer data onto another to upgrade hard drive without the
    time consuming reinstalling of operating systems and applications
  • Explore, copy and recover files directly from backup image in Windows Explorer
  • Automatically delete old images to save disk space according to one's own

EASEUS Todo Backup Free

  1. dan 12 years ago

    This tool saved my butt several weeks ago. I had to copy a 750GB data drive, and while that isn’t a big deal, the drive contained millions and millions of files. Every program/live CD I tried (Acronis, Windows PE based solutions, Knoppix, etc.) would choke on it and eventually error out after spending hours of ‘preparing’ to copy. Even raw sector copying using all the famous partitioning tools was a complete failure.

    So I downloaded this free version (very good looking GUI!) and added the ISO to my IODD Virtual ROM Drive (a piece of hardware EVERY IT guru should have, incredible device), and booted it up thinking it was just going to be another failure. But in a matter of a few hours, it managed to copy everything successfully using the disk clone tool. I don’t know what the tool is based on, but it’s the only one which was able to copy this very important drive.

    The drive ‘might’ have had some issues (was pulled out of a system with a failing IDE controller), but I needed that drive backed up before I could insert it into a new server. I spent over 3 days (full time) trying get this drive cloned, so I hope I can save someone else some time by recommending to add this .ISO to your arsenal. I have no connections with this company and/or product, just a very happy user.

  2. Lee 12 years ago

    I just tried the Server version to compare to Acronis Backup and ParagonDrive Backup for Server. It does it all AND it’s actually faster during backup process AND per server cost, it’s so much cheaper than Acronis Backup Server 11 ($853) and Paragon Drive Backup Server 10 ($699). The EASEUS Server Backup software is only $199 and $119 for 2 or more. From a consultant’s perspective, this is what I’ll be recommending and changing over for image backups and file backups. For all my client’s computers, I will be switching from a combination of Macrium, etc to the TODO Free Edition. This is one of those no brainers! I too am not affiliated with this new company (maybe not new), but am very happy with the solutions / cost factor.

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