DreamSys-Server-MonitorDreamSys Server Monitor is a free, simple server monitoring tool that is very easy to set up, yet it has all the essential features for basic server monitoring. The tool is certainly no match for a sophisticated program like The Dude. However, for The Dude you need a couple of hours to learn how it works. On the other hand you will master DreamSys Server Monitor in a few minutes.

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DreamSys-Server-Monitor-service-list The tool supports three monitoring types: Ping, TCP/IP, and services. For ping you can configure the number of tries and the seconds between retries. TCP/IP monitoring allows you to specify the TCP port. You can also send text to the server and examine the contents of the reply. Service monitoring enables you to check the availability of a Windows service. DreamSys Server Monitor can display a list of all services available on the remote machine. For all three types you can define the number of allowed failures. It is also possible to configure the monitor interval, but it has to be the same for all servers.

DreamSys-Server-Monitor-actions DreamSys Server Monitor supports four types of actions in case it detects that a server is down: Play sound, run command, reboot machine, and start service. The last one also works for services on remote machines, provided that DreamSys Server Monitor runs under an account with sufficient rights. It doesn't allow you to configure credentials to log on to a remote Windows server. The tool can also react when a server is available again. In that case it plays a sound or runs a command.

These actions have to be configured for every service you want to monitor. DreamSys Server Monitor can also inform you by email if a server goes down. The corresponding email address has to be the same for all monitored servers. In addition, all events can be logged to a text file.

The tool can't run as a service. Thus it only makes sense to run it on your desktop. DreamSys Server Monitor was once a commercial tool, but it is now free. I suppose this means that it won't be updated anymore. I tried it under Vista and I had no problems with it. I like the tool because of its neat interface.

Please note that the download is only a trial. However, DreamSys software has published the license key at the end of the DreamSys Server Monitor homepage.

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DreamSys Server Monitor

  1. RoninV 14 years ago

    Though it does provide a useful monitoring tool, it cannot send a notification if a service, selected for monitoring, stops. It will only send an email notification if a monitored server goes down.

  2. Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that.

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