DHCP Find allows you to search active and rogue DHCP servers in your network. And the good thing about DHCP Find is that, in most cases, it will also find the DHCP server.

DHCP Find - Search rogue DHCP servers

You know, a "lost DHCP server" can cause quite some trouble. The problem is no longer that serious because DHCP servers have to be explicitly authorized now in Windows Server. However, authorizing a new DHCP server costs a curious newbie admin only a mouse click, and then you wonder why your whole network goes down machine after machine because of misconfigured TCP/IP settings.

DHCP Find helps you search such "rogue" DHCP servers. The tool behaves like a DHCP client. That is, it sends a broadcast query requesting an IP address. The DHCP search tool then displays the IP address of the DHCP server and the configuration information offered, including client IP address, netmask, and gateway.

This is also useful for troubleshooting client-based DHCP problems. Since DHCP Find is a portable application, you can launch it easily on a client that has problems receiving TCP/IP settings through a DHCP server.

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