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A while back I reviewed CoreConfigurator, a GUI tool that allows you to configure Windows Server 2008 Server Core in a more convenient way than using the command prompt. Core Configuration Console (CCC) has similar configuration functionality, but it is not GUI tool. Rather, it is a menu-based batch script that makes it almost as convenient to configure Server Core. These are the things you can do with CCC:

  • Network configuration (IP, DNS, reset to DHCP)
  • Display server information (see screenshot)
  • Change current local user password
  • Licensing (install, activate, reset, rearm, display, delete)
  • Domain settings (join, disjoin)
  • Firewall configuration (disable, enable/disable TS Remote Admin Mode)
  • Regional and language-settings
  • Time-and-date-settings
  • CCC settings (register in PATH, enable autostart)
  • Set local administrator password, rename computer
  • Shutdown, reboot, logoff


CCC does not need to be installed; you just have to copy ccc.bat to Server Core (C:\windows recommended) and you can then launch the script without parameters from the command prompt. CCC is a nice tool, but I prefer CoreConfigurator. Sometimes, when you enter a CCC menu, it is not possible to cancel the operation. I recommend being especially careful when using menu Item 5 (Quick Config).
(Has been corrected in version 0.91.)

In addition, there are a few settings that CoreConfigurator supports, which CCC does not: display resolution, management of local user accounts, and WinRM configuration. Unfortunately, CoreConfigurator has been discontinued and it is officially not available anymore, but you can still download it from 4sysops -- as long as nobody complains.

CCC’s major advantage over CoreConfigurator is that, since it is just a batch script, it can be easily extended by anyone. In fact, if you have added a feature to CCC, please let me know and I will post your solution here.

Update: Version 0.91 has been released. These are the new features:

  • Server information in main menu
  • Enable / Disable Windows Update
  • Check for updates
  • List installed patches
  • Screen resolution (640×480, 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×1024, 1600×1200)
  • List roles / features
  • Search roles / features
  • Enable / Disable Firewall Groups
  • Enable / Disable WinRM
  • Enable / Disable Remote TS
  • (including set/unset CredSSP)

Core Configuration Console

  1. Joachim Nässlander 15 years ago


    I just released version 0.91 of CCC. Some new features are screen resolution, firewall mgmt and windows update. (And some more..)

    Would you mind redirecting all feedback / new features to me instead? It’d be easier for everyone I think if there’s one place. If there are a lot of changes we could setup a project.

    Are you going to TechEd in Barcelona in Nov? Shoot me an email in that case 🙂

  2. Hi Joachim! Great tool! Thanks of the hint about the new version. I updated the review and I will link to it in another post later this week. I can certainly redirect all feedbacks. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to come to Barcelona. I am just too busy at the moment.

  3. Joachim Nässlander 15 years ago

    Please note that “I recommend being especially careful when using menu Item 5 (Quick Config).” is no longer correct. Now you have the option to cancel it, and once you’ve ran it a registry key is set so you can’t run it again without removing the key. Just to keep you updated 🙂

  4. Thanks! Very much appreciated. I also changed the text.

  5. Tobias Firnges 12 years ago


    Actually I am working on a tool like this at the moment too. It is bit more powerful than Joachims tool. I am only in a early build stage. It will be available till summer, I hope. The tool not only allows you to configure some features already done by Joachim, but it also allwos you to promote and demote the server as a DC and also allows you to check and modify any service running on the server (including seeing the current status of the service). It is also able to check if the ip address is valid, if the subnet mask you enter is valid and if your gateway and ip address are in the same subnet. Based on this, the tool later on will also have a subnet calculator as a side effect.

    I must admit, shortly after I started my project, I found Joachims tool and so I also added and will add some of his ideas in there. But the idea for the tool I had without knowing CCC exists already.

    If you are interested in a pre version, just let me know.

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