CommTest is a portable free tool that allows you to test the network speed between two computers.
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CommTest is a very simple program but is nevertheless quite useful if you want to test the network speed between two computers. All you have to do is start the tool on both machines and then establish a connection from one of the computers to the other by entering the IP address or the domain name. Make sure that no firewall is in the way or that port 65000 is open.

Test network speed - ComTest

CommTest will then immediately start uploading and downloading data and test the network speed in KB/s. You can also see the bytes and packets that have been sent and received. The tool is supposed to be able to measure the latency, but that didn't work when I tried it. This was probably due to the fact that I tested it in a virtual environment and so the latency might have been just too small to be measurable.

I tried CommTest 1.2 on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

If you just want to test the network speed to the Internet, then the online tool is the thing for you.


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    T1 13 years ago

    Hey Michael,

    I just uploaded the Roadkil’s ComTest to and it had 4 of 41. Not sure if these are false positives or not but I’m not taking the chance.

    The AV software that hit were the following:
    Commtouch = W32/Heuristic-170!Eldorado
    F-Prot = W32/Heuristic-170!Eldorado
    K7AntiVirus = Backdoor
    Norman = W32/Malware.PKWR

    I used to be an SA back in the day and can’t get enough of your tips man! As always, excellent job.

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    T1, thanks! I guess the heuristics of these scan engines raised alarm because ComTest is listening to network connections. But you never know…

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