While I was looking for an free nslookup GUI tool, I came across the online DNS tool from CentralOps.Net. The advantage of an online nslookup tool, certainly, is that you can use it on every machine even if you didn't bring the tool box. Another advantage compared to DNSDataView is that this online DNS tool supports all query types.

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Online nslookup - CentralOps

It even supports all query classes: INTERNET, CHAOS and HESIOD. Note that the latter two query classes no longer play a noteworthy role (at least not to my knowledge), but I always find it interesting when I stumble upon technologies or standards that never really took off the ground. At first you think, “Wow, there is not only the Internet but also the CHAOS and HESIOD net. How come I've never heard of it? I want to use it too.” But then you realize that in the beginning of the Internet, no one had the slightest clue what impact this technology would have on the planet. Otherwise CHAOS and HESIOD would never have had the honor to be members in the same class system as INTERNET.

Sorry for this little philosophical excursus, but I had to make this post a little longer since there is nothing more to say about this online DNS tool. 😉 Nevertheless, I think this nslookup version can be quite useful.

Note that the link below leads to a page with some other free online network tool such as ping and traceroute.

CentralOps.net NsLookup

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  1. Haim Chibotero 13 years ago

    I am using http://network-tools.com/ instead
    slick interface and working great

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