BootRacer is a free tool that allows you to measure the boot speed of Windows PCs. The tool determines the time to logon and the time from logon to desktop.

Did you ever need quick access to your computer but the wait for boot process completion seemed like eternity? These are the moments when many come to the conclusion that Windows is a slow operating system. However, it is a well-confirmed psychological fact that the human brain has its own subjective timeline, which often has little to do with objective time measurement.

Measure boot speed - BootRacer

For instance, it is beyond the capabilities of my brain to measure browser speed differences, which, according to various benchmark tests, must be huge. But when it comes to boot speeds, my brain tends to measure much bigger boot-up times than objective measurement tools do.

This also applies to BootRacer. The boot speed this free tool measures doesn't confirm my own experience. However, a stopwatch more or less verified BootRacer's calculations. This free boot up speed measuring tool calculates the "time to logon" (not counting BIOS start-up time) and the "time from logon to desktop." Both time periods added result in the "total time to desktop."

You might wonder why you need a tool to measure the boot speed if you can get the same results with your watch. First of all, BootRacer is easy to use. You only have to click "Start" and wait until the PC reboots. Second, if you always use the same tool to measure the boot time, you can easily compare different PCs. And third, BootRacer is able to store the history of boot times. Thus, if you are tuning a PC to speed up boot time, you can very easily verify how successful boot speed optimizing was.

Measure boot up speed - BootRacer History

BootRacer can also write the boot time to the event log. So if users complain about slow boot speed, you can centrally collect this data with an event log management tool. BootRacer can be configured to measure the boot time every time the PC boots up. I tried BootRacer 3.0.3.


  1. MagicAndre1981 12 years ago

    I still prefer xbootmgr from Microsoft. It traces much more data.

  2. ha14 12 years ago

    Thanks for the details; easy use soft, this is amust

  3. azis 12 years ago

    Left boot and startup my pc to be faster after measured by Bootracer, there are some programs running that I turn off

  4. RoninV 12 years ago

    It’s my understanding that xbootmgr critiques shutdowns as well, which would seem to make it a better tool than BootRacer. Any chance a app exist that can be stored on a memory stick, for later installation on a computer during servicing (ala Malwarebytes setup/rules)?

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