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Blackbird auditor express is a free and easy-to-use version of Blackbird auditor. This community version offers real-time change monitoring for organizations with basic Active Directory (AD) auditing needs.

Blackbird Auditor Express Console

Blackbird auditor express monitors AD and Group Policy Object (GPO) changes in real time - tracking the "WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN" for any modification. For every event, Blackbird captures the before and after values to clearly highlight the change. Additionally, unlike other auditing solutions, Blackbird auditor provides the originating IP address of the computer where a change was made - enabling administrators to more accurately and rapidly isolate root cause users or programs that may be making inappropriate changes to your environment.

Blackbird Auditor Express Password_Reset

Key features

  • Monitor AD and GPO changes in real time
  • See the "WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN" - complete with before and after values and the originating IP address - for every modification or event
  • Comply with regulations (HIPAA, SOX, PCI, GLBA and more) by capturing AD change activity in centralized auditing database

Blackbird auditor express

  1. admin_nl 13 years ago

    hi, the link is not working, and the product is not on this site, but it looks very usefull, can i download a copy somewhere else, please?
    thank you

  2. The link is working here. What it exactly is your error message?

  3. thozguys 13 years ago

    The link to the product works fine, but there is no method to download the actual software even after receiving a license key from the vendor

  4. You have to download the Blackbird Management Suite. The license code will then only make the Auditor Express available.

  5. Marcus 13 years ago

    Hey guy I can not to do download this software Blackbird auditor express.
    Send me the correct link, please!

    A hug.

    Brazil-Rio de Janeiro

  6. Marcus 13 years ago

    Hey Michael, when I start the program Management Suite, I recive the error messenger :
    A coonection could not be made to the blackbird server.
    Please verifi that the blackbird service is started and firewall setting are configured properly.

    I see in my services.msc, and don’t existe the service name blackbird and my firewall is off.

    The error appears on both the server when I use the pc.

    What’s I do for resolved my problem ?

    My server is Windows server 2008

    My PC windows 7

    I wait your answer!

    See you gay!

    Brazil-Rio de Janeiro

  7. Marcus, seems you were able to download the software now. Auditor express is a module of the Blackbird Management Suite. You also have to install the Blackbird server. You don’t need a license for it. Isn’t the server also included in the download?

  8. Marcus 13 years ago

    Hey Michael good morning.
    I make download this software in this link:

    When I used the link that existe in your site:

    Always appears a message for me to register, I registered and gives me error.

    Yesterday I’ve downloaded the 21 MB version, I believe it is complete.
    Do you have a link that directs me straight to the site where I download the correct tool?

    I Wiat your answer.

    A Hug.


  9. Constantin 13 years ago

    The Express (Free) Version supports only:
    Changes up to 2 Days and 100 Changes

  10. Blackbird 12 years ago

    Hi Simply fill out this form
    And you will receive download link and license file.

    If you have any question please contact us here

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