Attribute Changer File PropertiesAttribute Changer is a freeware tool that allows you to set file attributes on multiple files and folders, recursively. In addition, you can configure attributes that can't be set with Windows Explorer such as the Archive attribute or the date and time when the file was created.

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A typical usage example is forcing backup software to add a directory and its subfolders to the next incremental backup by activating the Archive attribute on all files. Attribute Changer can be helpful in countless other scenarios as well, such as when you have to modify time-based attributes (created, modified, accessed). You can also make it seem as if all files have been created on a future date—a quite useful feature if you are a hacker. 😉 In addition, Attribute Changer supports relative time adjustments.

Attribute Changer adds itself to the Windows Explorer context menu. This is the only way to launch the tool. The installer only adds the tool's documentation to the Windows Start Menu. Attribute Changer has two tabs for attributes: one for the folder properties and one for file properties. If you want to modify attributes recursively, you have to check the "Recurse folder" option.

It makes sense to use Attribute Changer's simulation mode before you modify the attributes of many files. The Report tab shows you what files and folders that Attribute Changer couldn’t modify because they were locked or because of other problems. When you click "more" on the Report tab, the advanced report displays the changed attributes after you clicked "Apply". Also useful is the filter that allows you to exclude files and folders.

Attribute Changer Detailed Reporting

Attribute Changer pre-loaded values If you often have to set the same attributes, you will like that Attribute Changer can load predefined attribute values. Once the settings have been loaded, you can apply them with the tiny icons in the top right corner. I tested Attribute Changer 6.20.

Attribute Changer


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