AMP WinOFF is a free portable tool that allows you to schedule a Windows shutdown (including log off, suspend, hibernate, and lock computer shutdown types) or restart. You can also shut down and reboot a remote computer (the tool doesn't support remote shutdowns of multiple computers, however).

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The freeware tool has quite a few useful features:

  • Scheduled shutdowns, either at a set time or after a period of time
  • Ability to perform a shutdown when the CPU usage drops below a certain percentage
  • Anti-close protection and password protected access to the configuration
  • Option of capturing a screenshot before shutdown
  • Option of executing a program before shutdown
  • Command line support for batch processing

AMP WinOFF displays a countdown timer or the scheduled time in a little box above the systray. When the shutdown process begins, the tool displays a popup message offering you the chance to abort the shutdown or restart. The tool doesn't run as service, which means that the user who started the program must not log off. However, you can just lock the computer. I tested AMP WinOFF 4.55.

A comparable tool which I reviewed a while back is MF Shutdown Manager.


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