ADREPLSTATUS analyzes the replication status of domain controllers in an Active Directory domain or forest.

Submitted by Vladan Seget – Blog: ESX Virtualization

ADREPLSTATUS has a nice Office-like GUI with a ribbon and can replace RepMon or RepAdmin of the Windows 2000 support tools.

The main features of the Active Directory Replication Status Tool are:

  • You can view replication errors and detailed replication information of domain controllers in a domain or across forests.
  • A filter allows you to restrict the output to errors only.
  • You can prioritize errors.
  • Replication error messages are linked to Microsoft TechNet help pages.
  • The data can be exported to CSV files.

adreplstatus - active directory replication status tool

ADREPLSTATUS - Active Directory Replication Status Tool

The tool runs on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 or higher. Windows forests and domains from Windows Server 2003 onwards can be monitored. ADREPLSTATUS requires 3.5.1 and .NET 4.


  1. Chris Wright (Cjwdev) 11 years ago

    Nice! Although it seems odd that MS are bringing out GUIs for tasks that have been done via command line for a long time yet with Server 2012 are recommending everyone should use the ‘core’ version with no GUI and pushing everyone to use powershell…
    Oh well, I’m sure this tool will come in handy 🙂

  2. Wayne 11 years ago

    This looks nice. When I try to install it tells me I don’t have .Net 4.0 which I do. I’m running Win 7 Pro with all the latests updates / patches. Any ideas?

  3. Chris Wright (Cjwdev) 11 years ago

    Wayne – perhaps it wants the full .NET 4.0 runtime installed and not just the .NET 4.0 Client Profile?

  4. Wayne 11 years ago

    Chris – That was it. Thank You.

  5. NickPace 11 years ago

    Have you ever tried using Dynamic AD Replication Checker Tool at which is wroth, I believe!

    No requirements – works even on a computer running Windows XP!

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