AdapterWatch is a standalone tool that can help troubleshoot network problems. It displays all the information you can think of about network adapters.

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There are four tabs: Network Adapters, TCP/UDP Statistics, IP Statistics, ICMP Statistics and General. I tested AdapterWatch v1.04.

AdapterWatch-network-adapters The Network Adapters' tab mostly displays configuration settings such as: the GUID, MAC address, DHCP lease, interface speed or MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit). You will also find some statistical information including: received/sent data, calculated speed and discarded packets. The list is quite comprehensive. Please check out the screenshot for other parameters. What I like about AdapterWatch is that it displays all network adapters in a table. This makes it easy to compare all settings. That's not possible with the network settings tools in Windows because you can’t open the controls of different network adapters, simultaneously.

The three statistics tabs display detailed information about the data transmitted. That is something for TCP/IP experts. You will be able to access data such as: number of active/passive opens, failed connection attempts, number of errors received, etc. Check out the screenshots for more.

AdapterWatch-TCP-UDP-statistics AdapterWatch-IP-statisitics AdapterWatch-ICMP-statstics

Unfortunately, AdapterWatch doesn’t distinguish between different adapters. In most cases, the more general statistics data in the Network Adapter tab will be sufficient for troubleshooting adapter-related issues. But sometimes, it might turn out to be useful to have more specific TCP/IP statistics for each adapter, separately. The General tab displays common information, such as, when routing or DNS is enabled on this machine.



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