Active Directory Telephone Book, or ADTB in short is a small and smart windows forms program that allows you to quickly find persons within your organization.

Submitted by Dennis Smith

Do phonetic searches, or find people based on their location, department or phone number. Help the people in your organization find each other!

Active Directory Phone Book

Active Directory Phone Book

When started the first time the Active Directory phone book scans your active directory for phone numbers, names, email addresses etc. Depending on the size of your organization’s active directory this can take up a few minutes. These results are packed and encrypted into the user’s ‘application data’. This means, the second time the user launches ADTB it starts up very quickly.

Used in free mode ADTB has two limitations: some times a dialog box will appear and you cannot customize the title bar.

Active Directory Telephone Book

  1. subji 9 years ago

    I’ll try it

  2. Will S. 10 months ago

    how do you get a copy of this phonebook app?

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