ABC-Deploy is a software deployment and inventory tool that allows you to distribute all types of software packages and management tasks in your Windows network.

Submitted by Flemming Varmer - ABC Deploy

ABC-Deploy is completely free, with all pro features for smaller networks with a maximum of 30 clients. In addition, you can use the tool for free, with a limited feature set, for an unlimited number of clients.

The software deployment tool uses a policy-driven approach to distribute software or any other scriptable task. Tasks are the heart of ABC-Deploy; they contain the definitions to be distributed to the PCs. A task to install software often has multiple steps.

The first steps are typically performed to remove older versions of the software, followed by an unattended installation. An additional step is sometimes required to adjust settings for the installed software.

ABC-Deploy tasks have the following characteristics:

  • In many cases, installing software only requires you to name the task and supply the path to an .msi file.
  • All major deployment technology is supported (.Msi, .Msp, .Msu, .Reg, .Vbs, .Bat).
  • A task can have multiple steps and can install (or uninstall) any type of software on your client systems.
  • Tasks execute under the context of the local system account, or as the logged-in user.
  • User profile setup applies automatically after deployments when needed.
  • You can monitor client activity in real time.
  • Automated error handling and logging is available.

ABC-Deploy – Assign tasks

ABC-Deploy – Assign tasks

If your network has no more than 30 clients, you can also use the tool’s Active Directory integration features, configure email notifications, run software and hardware inventory tasks, and download preconfigured tasks from the package library. In addition, you can work with remote tools such as Remote Registry, Remote Uninstall, and Wake on LAN.

For a list of all features and a comparison between the different editions, have a look at this table. You can download ABC-Deploy without registration.



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