3d-traceroute 3d Traceroute does what its name implies. It displays traceroute responses in a three dimensional representation: X-axis represents the hops (routers); the y-axis, the response time of the routers; and the z-axis stands for successive probes in time.

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While this seems to be just some kind of gimmick, it might turn out to be useful, if you have to track down certain kinds of network problems. For example, if you experience erratic network transfer delays, you can find out easily where the bottleneck is. All you have to do is to probe your destination for some time. The router that causes the delays will stand out in the graphic representation sooner or later.

3d-traceroute-list-view Another useful feature of 3d Traceroute is that it displays all hops in its list view immediately after you fire the command. You probably know that the Windows command tracert only displays the next hop after it receives a response for its ping request. If you just want to know what route your IP packets take, this is unnecessary.

3d Traceroute comes with a couple of other network related tools: telnet client, Whois browser, port scanner, ASN inspector, nslookup, email header analyzer, http spy, graphical ping tool, ISO 3166 code browser, and atomic time sync.

There is also a commercial version which costs €23.95. 3d Traceroute pro has some nice additional feature such as Globus Trace, different trace types, an IP-Route Scanner and many more.

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3d Traceroute

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