1-4a Rename is the feature king of the batch renamer tools.

Many batch renamer tools exist. Michael recently reviewed ReNamer which offers enough features for most users. However, the feature king of the batch renamer tools certainly is 1-4a Rename. If you visit the tool’s homepage, you will see that this tool is quite old and hasn't been developed further in recent years. Nonetheless, it runs perfectly under every newer OS including the 64-bit versions.

What does this batch renamer offer you that others do not? When you launch the tool for the first time, nothing spectacular awaits you:

Batch Renamer - 1a4 Renamer

On the left side, you see different renaming options; on the right side, you see a list of the files in the current directory. When you create a renaming rule, you instantly see which files get renamed, the new names of the files, whether the new name conflicts with an existing or a renamed file, and whether the desired file name is illegal. There is also a column that warns you if the renamed file is longer than 65 characters, but this is of no concern with recent Windows versions.

1-4a Rename shows its real potential only when you press F2 to switch to expert mode. Take a look at the additional features this mode offers:

Batch Renamer - 1a4 Renamer

These added fancy options help you control the renaming. For example, one option includes the size of the file in the new name. Another function inserts a time string or a random character in the desired name. The tool can also increase or decrease the length of the file name. It offers over a dozen functions more—too many to write about here.

Another valuable feature of 1-4a Rename is the extremely fast sorting ability. You can influence the sorting algorithm by telling the tool to sort by extensions first and then sort by the file name, or sort by file name length, for example.

If you want to do a batch rename of a few files and you are working with complex renaming rules, there is no better tool than 1.4a Rename. Its performance and features are unmatched so far, and if anything should go wrong it also has an undo function.

You can download the batch renamer tool 1.4a Rename here.

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  1. Richard Jones 13 years ago

    Looks good, but I honestly can’t find anything that comes even close to Flexible Renamer.
    It is free, portable, runs on all Windows OSes, works for both file and folder renaming, supports wild cards, regular expressions, MP3 ID tags, very nice.
    Give it a shot, and I’m sure you will be happy.


    I am not affiliated with the developer(s), only a very satisfied and appreciative user.
    If they would only add command line support and features, I would even pay for it.

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