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Pulse_screenshot2EventTracker PULSE is a smart search engine for log data. Available as a free software download, it automates the real-time collection and long term archival of all log data from Windows (servers and workstations), Unix/Linux, Cisco devices, applications and any syslog source. A Google-like interface provides searching across hundreds of gigiabytes of data, allowing users to pinpoint critical data in a matter of seconds. Hundreds of preconfigured knowledge categories help users find common events such as Cisco authentication failures or Windows logon failures. In addition, an optional Windows agent provides monitoring of CPU usage, network connections, disk space utilization, capacity utilization, user activity etc.

Pulse_screenshot3 The benefits of Log Search limitless for system administration and security. For instance, users can quickly identify root cause of service degradations or IT failures for remediation, or in the event of an internal breach, pinpoint who did what and when and plug security holes.

Pulse_screenshot4 EventTracker PULSE installs on any Windows server or workstation. Key features include:

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  • No limit on collection and archival of log data
  • Real-time collection from Windows (servers and workstations), Unix/Linux, Cisco devices, applications and any syslog source
  • Compressed, secure (SHA1) storage of data
  • Easy to use Google-like interface with options for free-form searching using keywords, exact phrases, operators, wildcard characters or a combination of all for complex queries
  • Endless refine to extract precise matches from large volumes
  • Hundreds of preconfigured knowledge categories
  • One-click access to the Prism KnowledgeBase for helpful descriptions on over 20,000 events
  • Agent-optional architecture; centralized agent configuration

EventTracker PULSE


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