The free event log monitoring tool EventSentry Light allows you to monitor event logs, log files, remote hosts, services (and control), disk space, file checksums, performance, system time (and set), and monitor temperature (with optional sensors). In addition you can receive syslog & SNMP data and schedule and monitor scripts.

NETIKUS.NET has released a new version of EventSentry Light, a free real-time event log monitoring solution for Windows. EventSentry v2.93.1 comes with some great new features, which is why I updated the article. The first part is a general introduction about the tool's monitoring capabilities and at the end you will find a list of the enhancements in version v2.93.1. Also note that the free light version lifted some important limitations, which makes it interesting for complex environments. You will also learn more about this at the end of the article.

Free EventLog Monitoring - EventSentry Light

Free Event Log Monitoring - EventSentry Light

 The Windows event logs are the first place to check when something goes wrong on a Windows machine. But even more important is to keep a constant eye on the event logs, to ensure you that you will be informed immediately about upcoming problems and if Windows or applications enter certain states you want to be informed about.

One of the main advantages of EventSentry compared to the Windows Event Viewer is that you can easily monitor event logs on multiple machines. Moreover, EventSentry Light has additional monitoring capabilities. For example, it supports environment monitoring (temperature, motion etc.), third-party log file monitoring, and system health checks. With the latter feature, you can monitor the availability of Windows services or processes, performance, and disk space. EventSentry Light also includes basic network monitoring capabilities using pings and TCP connections and supports hardware monitoring. For instance you can monitor USB storage device changes or the S.M.A.R.T. status of hard drives.

Free EventLog Monitoring - EventSentry Performance Alert

Free Event Log Monitoring - EventSentry Light Performance Alert

Essentially, EventSentry Light works like a central filter to extract important information from all event logs in your network. It collects the data, extracts the information that is relevant to you, and notifies you about them. The data is collected by the EventSentry agent that can be easily deployed using the management console. The agent uses filters where you can specify which Windows events are important for you.

These filters are grouped in packages that can be assigned to computers individually or to computer groups. One limitation of the free version is that you can only work with one package with a maximum of five filters.

Once the data is collected, the information can be forwarded to you as e-mail or as pop-up messages on your desktop, instant messaging, or pager. The light version only supports these four notification methods. Note that the full version supports 15 different notification types.

EventSentry Light includes a SNMP trap daemon, an easy way to receive SNMP traps via email or other notification methods. Performance and environment alerts include an attached chart, visualizing performance of a given time period. For example, when the CPU exceeds a certain limit, the alert email will contain an attached chart so you can see an exact history without having to access the reporting interface.

The new features in EvenSentry Light v2.93.1 as announced in the Event Log Blog are:

  • Process Action is now available, so you can now launch scripts and/or processes as a response to event log entries
  • Custom event logs as well as custom event log channels (Windows 2008 and later) can now be monitored
  • Services can now be controlled in addition to just being monitored
  • All event logs can now be backed up
  • Event Log backups can be compressed
  • NTP (Network Time Protocol) feature can now adjust the local time
  • Limits can now be applied to actions
  • Email actions: All features are now available
  • Import/Export feature in management console is now available
  • Variables support is now available

In addition, many limitations compared to the pro version were increased:

  • # of event log filters: Increased to 5 (from 4)
  • # of monitored services: Increased to 6 (from 4)
  • # of event log backup schedules: Increased to 3 (from 2)
  • # of actions: Increased to 3 (from 2)

The free version is now on the same release schedule as the commercial edition and updates for EventSentry will immediately be applied to EventSentry Light as well. Previously, the free version always lagged behind the full version.

Please notice that in this post I could only scratch the surface of this powerful real-time monitoring tool and its new features. For a more detailed description of EventSentry Light and EventSentry please continue reading here:

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