Can't wait to try the performance boost that Service Pack 3 brings for Windows XP? Then you can download XP SP1 right now with this little hack.

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All you have to do is run WindowsXPSP3Hack.cmd. It will add some registry keys which will make Windows Update believe that you are a member of the private beta program. Then, you launch Windows Update (via Windows help) to download Windows XP SP3.Windows XP SP3 hack

I had to install two other updates before the service pack showed up. I think, it has about 70MB. Download was pretty fast in the beginning, but it then it got stuck, somehow. Installation was not a big deal. Unfortunately, I couldn't really make out this performance boost afterwards.

I found this nice trick at Silozopedia. By the way, there is a similar hack for Windows Vista SP1.

  1. KURT 16 years ago

    It didnt work for me…any help?

  2. What exactly didn’t work? Did the script run through correctly? Did you get the same message as in the screenshot? If the service pack didn’t show up, you might have to wait a little.

  3. CAK757 16 years ago

    didnt work for me either, well, installing the SP anyways, got an access denied error and it aborted installation 🙁

  4. dP 15 years ago

    Do the reg hack and use MBSA, guess what shows up as missing with download link to the complete RC1?

  5. Ken 15 years ago

    Worked *GREAT* for me. I am sending this msg via XP/PRO + SP3
    thanks *very* much for the hack. This is great fun.

  6. Xp Sp3 fake beta tester 15 years ago

    Successful: 0
    Failed: 1
    Remaining: 0

    The hack got it to show up in the windows update but it fails to install =/

  7. moon 15 years ago

    hay download was succesfull but installation faild.
    i think the problem is where it varify the windows product key!!!!
    by the way im using cracked windows xp.using the magic jelly bean trick.
    my windows validates and clears all the validations test performed by the microsoft website.
    but the problem is somewhere in the installation when it checks the windows product key…
    plz do something!!!

  8. moon 15 years ago

    i tried it many time but every time it fails at the exact point.
    the hacking patch works perfectly and the sp3 rc1 downloads completely.
    but when it installs and during installation when it checks the product key the error comes..
    plus…im using a cracked windows xp but it validates successfully but plz i want a solution ….any help?

  9. Xp Sp3 fake beta tester 15 years ago

    it’s not the product key! I have a legit copy

  10. Xp Sp3 fake beta tester 15 years ago

    i did find my xp sp3 elsewhere and I must say it is faster!

  11. Tester 15 years ago

    The same problem – got a legit copy of SP3 RC1, on a legit XP – but when it gets to “modifying registry” it gets a “Access denied” and rolls back the installation. One time I broke the installation after I got the message without letting it roll back the changed – that disabled 802.1x and networking stopped working – I had to restore the system (SP3 creates a restore point).
    Any solution? I can’t even find a log file of the installation.

  12. Those of you who had problems with this little hack, can download the standalone package now.

  13. fade 15 years ago

    thanx for send me windows XP SP3

  14. Xp SP3 Fake Beta Testah 15 years ago

    I think it’s not on the update site because it’s still a beta and not official and incase there happens to be any problems with it(which I have not seen any yet :P) MS probably just doesn’t want to be responsible for any problems caused by something that they recommended.

  15. amine 15 years ago

    Xp SP3 decreases my internet speed connection

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