Windows Server 2008I am somewhat surprised that Windows Server 2008 RTM came out before Vista SP1. You might have read my rant against "Windows Vista SP1 RTM", yesterday. In my view, Vista SP1 wasn't "released" yet. I read on several sites that Server 2008 is avaiable for MSDN and Technet subscribers. I just logged on with our account, but I only found the release candidate on MSDN and on Microsoft's sites for Volume Licensing customers it didn't show up at all.

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As expected, only the more privileged can download Windows Server 2008 RTM at the moment. I guess, their subscriptions have to be justified, next might be Volume Licensing customers, and only then comes the evaluation version.

Well, I can certainly wait a few more days. I have been testing the beta of Windows Server 2008 in detail before and I am quite pleased to see how stable it is. We only need the final to start with compatibility testing. I am also curious to see if there is a new beta version of Hyper-V. You probably have heard that Microsoft's new virtualization solution will only come out in 180 days.

I think that Windows Server 2008 adoption will be much faster than with Vista. The reason why Server 2008 came out before Vista SP1 is that drivers are not such an issue for servers. There are simply not as many devices as for desktops and laptops. Hardware compatibility problems were probably the number one reason why many downgraded to XP.

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Software compatibility is also not that problematic for Server 2008. Vista and Server 2008 share the same architecture. Thus, most software vendors should already be prepared. In particular, many of the bigger software companies operating in the server field are supposed to be ready for Server 2008 by now.

  1. Lukas Beeler 16 years ago

    We have a normal MSDN Subscribtion as part of our Microsoft Partner Status (2500 CHF per year, 2 MS Certified People).

    Only the x64 Version is currently available, but in German and with a MAK Key that has 1500 Activations (I don’t think i’ll ever use these up).

    WS2008 RTM includes a pre-release version of Hyper-V. However, i was unable to test it because the only Hyper-V capable Testmachine i have is currently used by another project.

    If you want/need access to the RTM bits, drop me a note.

    Regarding adoption: There are many pieces of software not yet supported under WS2008.


    IBM does not support WS2008 on it’s System x product line yet.

    Backup Exec is also not supported on WS 2008.

    WSUS V3 isn’t supported on WS2008 either – it will be when SP1 is out, but SP1 isn’t out yet.

    We have a major infrastructure renewal coming up during the next months. I will probably push to do this on WS2008, but it will be interesting times 😉

  2. Christophe_P 16 years ago

    I can download RTM from

  3. Helmer 16 years ago

    I downloaded the RTM version from the TechNET Plus Direct library. And (just as Lukas B. says) it’s just the x64 version.

    A colleague of mine has it installed on his Lenovo laptop. Hyper-V also works fine (beta version).

  4. Lukas, I think most software vendors waited for the RTM to make sure that their apps really work with Server 2008. It probably won’t take too long until they come out with new versions. Thanks for your offer regarding the RTM. I had a free Technet Plus subscription, but I forgot to renew it. I guess Microsoft’s press service will help me out. If not, I will come back to you. 🙂

    Christophe_P, I suppose you only see it on Connect because you have been invited before.

    Helmer, maybe only those with a Technet super plus subscription can download the 32-bit version 😉

  5. Lukas Beeler 16 years ago


    32bit is available since a few hours on MSDN and TechNet 😉

  6. Lukas, thanks for the tip. Now I have problems logging on to MSDN. 🙁 Gosh, why don’t they just copy it to the Download Center.

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