So ordinary people can now download Vista SP1, too. It is hard to find an IT site today that doesn't have the news. Yesterday, the blogosphere and IT sites were in fever to uncover Microsoft's most protected secret. Will Vista SP1 hit Windows Update today or not? And what about the retailers? Nobody really knew, everyone was speculating. All this tension that was building-up over the last months is finally over. Now, we can sleep soundly again. So, is this brilliant marketing or not?

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Based on the media coverage Vista got this way, you might be inclined to answer this question with yes. On the other hand, all this stir and confusion about Vista SP1 left a very unprofessional impression in the corporate world. It is quite obvious that Microsoft is still struggling with Vista.

The driver issue, the reason why Microsoft had to postpone the public release of SP1, is still not fixed. It seems they only found some ways to block systems affected by this problem. Since Vista SP1 was available for most corporate customers, these changes can't be part of the service pack. So all they accomplished in those six weeks is to modify Windows Update to prevent users from messing up their systems with SP1.

And that means that it is absolutely necessary to run detailed tests before deploying SP1. You might have heard about this list of applications that Vista SP1 will break. Greg Shields has another one. I also published a small list of known Vista SP1 problems. Feel free to add your own experiences in a comment. Putting together all I read, I still recommend being cautious with this service pack.

Here are some links that are of interest regarding Vista SP1:

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