hyper-v-logo It was hard to miss that the final of Hyper-V was released today. Maybe it has something to do with the kind of feeds I subscribed to, but it seems to me that the media coverage is comparable to when Windows Server 2008 was released. We updated our RC1 test installation and have encountered no problems so far. I have also tried the beta of Virtual Machine Manager 2008 (VMM 2008). After I installed the VMM agent on the Hyper-V-Server I had to restart the VMM admin console, but after that everything seemed to work flawlessly. I only played with it a little though. I am not aware of a release date of VMM 2008 RTM. I don't think the wait would be long.

Our overall experience with Hyper-V RC1 was quite positive. We have had a few issues, but in each case it turned out that it was a configuration mistake. We also virtualized a Linux server (SuSE Enterprise 10), and didn’t have any problems with it. We are going to make some performance tests with the Linux VM soon. We had some performance problems with a content management system (Eprints) under Linux on VMware Server 1, so I am curious to see how much better Hyper-V will be here. Note that we do know that Eprints works fine on VMware ESX. Nonetheless, this thing is just too expensive in my view.

Here is a collection of links that might be useful for you if you are interested in Hyper-V:

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I wouldn’t dare yet but my long terms plans are to virtualize of all our servers, including Exchange.


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