Deskcretary Is your desktop always cluttered with tons of shortcuts, files, and folders? If so, the free tool Deskcretary might be helpful. Every time I clean my desktop, I resolve to not mess it up again with unimportant junk files, but, somehow, I am unable to keep the resolution. Once the first “temporary files” have started accumulating on my desktop, my resistance to littering my desktop starts to wear off, since I know I have to clean it again anyway. After that it is only a matter of days until my desktop is, once again, completely covered.

Deskcretary’s solution to this problem is quite simple. It moves all of the files from your desktop to an archive, from which you can restore temporary files if you ever need them again. The tool creates an archive for each day, which can be easily accessed through its Explorer-like interface. It also has a search function, which helps you to find older files.

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You can start desktop archiving manually or schedule it. The most important thing is that the program allows you to exclude files. When you copy a shortcut that you want to keep to your desktop, all you have to do is right-click it, and add it to Deskcretary’s exclusion list. Deskcretary won’t remove files from the desktop that are in this list.


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