Delbyown is a free command line utility for Windows that allows you to delete, copy or just list the files owned by a certain user account. The most common usage, probably, is the deletion of a certain user's files who is no longer with the company. The tool can also remove the folders created by the user.

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If you just enter the command name without any parameters, delbyown displays its self-explanatory options:

Usage: delbyown -c [path] -r -o [owner] -e [exclude path] file
delbyown -d -r -o [owner] -e [exclude path] file
delbyown -t -r -o [owner] -e [exclude path] file
-c Copy Files to [destination path.]
-d Delete Files.
-t Test/Display files matching owner.
-e Exclude [Directory].
-o Owner [Account/Group Name].
Accepts not operator e.g. !Administrators
-r Recursive.


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