Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for Exchange might be more important than for your file servers, since mail and groupware data usually changes more often than any other documents. Like many replication tools, CDP solutions promise to backup data continuously. However, CDP tools allow you to restore data to an arbitrary point in time. This post lists some CDP tools for Microsoft Exchange.

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Its difference to traditional Exchange backup is that you don't have to schedule backup jobs. Furthermore, to restore the Exchange database, you don't select the data of a certain backup job but instead restore it to its original state at a certain point in time. This way, the so called Recovery Point Objective (RPO) can be reduced from a day to almost zero.

I didn't test the solutions below; some of them were new to me. They all purport on their web sites to support continuous data protection. Since the concept is relatively new, I am not sure if they all mean the same with "CDP".

As far as I can understand, all except XOsoft Enterprise Rewinder and Lucid8 DigiVault support brick-level restores. "Brick level" means that you can restore single mailboxes and messages.

Please, let me know if you've heard of other CDP solutions for Exchange. I'd like to add them to my list.. If you have any experience with one of the tools, your information is welcome here.

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I am thinking of writing a review for a German magazine about one or two of the tools listed and I will post about some of my findings here. So stay tuned if you want to learn more about this topic.


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