Microsoft published a comprehensive guide for their application virtualization solution that is a must-read for every App-V admin.

The App-V 5 SP2 Application Publishing and Client Interaction guide has 42 pages, is highly technical, and contains many examples. In addition, you’ll find quite a few links to additional App-V resources.

This is a part of the overview from the document:

The App-V 5 SP2 Application Publishing and Client Interaction whitepaper enables App-V administrators and sequencers to gain a better understanding of how the App-V Client processes packages and presents them to users. This document provides details around typical client operations with important locations for data storage, how the publishing refresh process works, and the available integration points with the local operating system.

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Notice that this is not a beginner’s guide, as it assumes an understanding of App-V infrastructures and concepts. The document refers to the App-V Document Resources Download Page and the Microsoft Application Virtualization 5 Administrator's Guide for admins who want to get started with App-V.


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