ClipX is a free clipboard manager that stores the clipboard history in a file and allows you to access previous clipboard entries easily, clear the clipboard history, and edit clipboard items.
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I have always wondered why Windows only allows you to store one clipboard item. On a normal work day, it usually happens several times that I have to access previous clipboard entries that were already overwritten with new ones. Many clipboard managers are available that pick up the slack; this doesn't really excuse the lack of this Windows feature but it at least offers a solution. I hope Windows 8 will come with its own clipboard manager.

Clipboard manager - Access clipboard history - ClipX

I have tried a few clipboard managers. I am currently using ClipX, which hasn't been updated for quite some time. However, it still works fine under Windows 7. ClipX monitors all the clipboard activity and stores all items in a clipboard history file. You can access previous clipboard items through its popup menu, which you launch with a configurable hotkey.

Clipboard manager - Access clipboard history - ClipX - Settings

ClipX supports common media types such as text, pictures, and file and folder links. The popup menu will show you a list of the last clipboard items, which you can then paste to the new location either by clicking or selecting with the cursor. The cool thing is that this even works after reboots.

Clipboard manager - Access clipboard history - ClipX - Configuration

You can also save the clipboard history to a file that you can load again into ClipX at a later time. Also useful is that you can search in the clipboard history, clear the clipboard history, and edit and delete particular clipboard items. You can access this function and the configuration options by right-clicking the tool's systray icon.

Let me know which clipboard manager is your favorite. Here is a list of free clipboard managers.

  1. Thom McKiernan 12 years ago

    I actually just change my clipboard manager the other day. I was using a desktop gadget ( & it worked really well. My only problem really was that the Sidebar process in Windows 7 seemed to take up to much of my limited RAM. So now I’ve got rid of all my gadgets I decided to try out “Ditto”. I’ve only been using it for a day but it seems to work great.

  2. KoalaBear 12 years ago

    Try ShapeShifter. A relatively ‘new’ one, May 2010.

    You can use the clipboard as you do know, you only have to press CTRL + V a little longer if you want to paste a previously copied item. You can select it in a nice looking ‘overlay’.

  3. Thanks, for the tips. I will have a look at the tools.

  4. Ian_TX 12 years ago

    Excellent Free tool! I didn’t realize how much I actually needed something like this until I installed it. I even installed it on both home and work pc’s. Bonus: All “COPY” material is available to paste even after you reboot or power cycle your system.
    Thanks Michael!

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