SiliconANGLE has an interesting article about Google’s Chrome browser. The author claims that Google has been quite aware for some time that Chrome drains the batteries on Windows laptops but is reluctant to fix the bug. I wonder why.
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I have been casting suspicion on Chrome for quite some time. When my laptop’s fan starts humming despite the fact that no compute-intensive process is running, Chrome is usually the culprit. In Task Manager, I then see a Chrome process that consumes 50 percent or more of CPU power. Killing the process usually results in a crashed Chrome tab. The fact that Chrome has become more unstable lately is probably not related to this bug mentioned above.

However, I noticed that Chrome requires a lot of resources even when there is really nothing for the browser to do. If I have ten tabs open, Chrome constantly requires about 10 percent of CPU resources on my laptop with a Core i7 processor. You bet that this costs a lot of power. I didn’t notice a similar behavior with other browsers.

I find it amazing that, at the time of this writing, more than 7,000 Chrome users complained about the battery problem. According to the SiliconANGLE article, the bug is about the way Chrome tells Windows how to handle idle time. Under normal conditions, Windows wakes up an idle CPU every 15.625ms, but Chrome changes this interval to 1ms.

It seems Google has been aware of this bug for some years. That makes me wonder why the Chromebook maker is so reluctant to fix it. The problem does not exist on Apple or Linux computers, so the end result is that Windows users who work with Chrome believe that their Windows laptops just have a lousy battery life. If we now assume that a Chrome browser user is more likely to buy a Chromebook, then… Well, okay, maybe I am just seeing ghosts.

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Have you also noticed that Chrome is a battery sucker?


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