One thing I like about blogging is that it is much more communicative than publishing on traditional media. However, even though I had contact with some of you in the comments on my blog or via e-mail, I would like to get in touch with you more interactively. That's why I set up a chat room where we can shoptalk about Windows administration.

I am a bit worried though that Spammers and other trolls might misuse this offer. For this reason, I will only open it when I am online myself and just for a limited time. I will try to be online every week day (usually not on weekends) at 7 PM GMT. The first chat session will be on Wednesday, October 31st. You can find the equivalent date and time for your time zone here. I will be online for one hour or so.

The chat room can be found in the sidebar of 4sysops. To take part in the conversation, you just have to type in your name and start babbling. No registration is needed. If you are a blogger, then you also can show off your URL. No links to commercial sites please.

I can't guarantee that I am always online at that time, though. However, you'll find a note on the chat room door, if I am unable to come. I will also open the chat room occasionally when I am not too busy. So you can just say hello, whenever you see me online. Or if you are desperate with a Windows problem, you can also stop by. Perhaps, I can be of help.

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I should add that this is only a test. I've no idea if anybody will come and I also don't know if the WordPress plugin I am using is reliable enough. During my tests, the chat window sometimes wouldn't update in Firefox. If this happens, you have to reload the page. Usually this is not necessary. New messages should be displayed automatically. You can also try Internet Explorer if the problem persists.

  1. Leonardo 15 years ago

    I’ve been pretty quiet since my alcohol consumption has peaked for my usual end-of-year doomfest. I may drop-in sometime, when I’m sober enough to act intelligent.

  2. Well, you still have 36 hours to get sober. 😉

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