I just added a new tool to my collection of CDP tools for Exchange. Atempo LiveServe for Microsoft Exchange supports Continuous Data Protection with brick level backups. Unfortunately, they don't have a demo version ready for download. There is "trial link" on their web site, but after filling out the form, I only got a message telling me that a sales representative will contact me with download instructions. I made similar experiences with the other CDP tools in the list. So far I was only able to test Lucid8 DigiVault. The other vendors seem to be a bit shy.

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I contacted them all, asking for a demo version. Some didn't even reply, some were asking further questions. I told them that I am planning to write a review for the well-known German magazine Computerwoche. Usually, this speeds-up things tremendously. A review, even if it is critical, is the best advertisement they can get.

From my experience, it isn't a good sign if a vendor is reluctant to offer a demo version. I don't believe that they are afraid of pirated copies. There are reliable methods to prevent the use of the software after the trial period is over.

If there is no demo version available for download, it usually means that their product is difficult to handle. They let you fill out an online form to check how big your company is and where you are located. Then they will offer a presentation of the software by a company representative. Of course, everything will work perfectly then. However, when you are alone with the product things look different.

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This is typical for software using new technologies like continuous data protection. I am still waiting. Maybe I will be able to test another CDP tool for Exchange. So far I can only recommend Lucid8 DigiVault. You can download a demo version without much hassle and the product made a good impression to me.


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