BareTail from Baremetalsoft is a free Windows tool that allows you to view large log files in real-time. It displays new entries immediately after they were added. BareTail doesn't load the complete file before it is displayed. This way you can work with very large files without any delays.

Another nice feature is its highlighting function. BareTail highlights lines in the log file with a certain color if it contains the string you specified. You can use different colors for multiple strings and monitor multiple files simultaneously using tabs. The status of each file will be displayed on the tab.

BareTail BareTail supports all important character sets and file formats. You can work with Windows and Linux files. I usually monitor log files on Linux machines with BareTail. You can use SFTP drive , for example, to connect to a Linux box, and monitor changes to log files simultaneously on your Windows desktop.

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BareTail is free, but there also is a professional version for $35 which has more features. BareTailPro supports regular expression search, interactive/incremental search, filters and many more.

  1. AniMatrix 16 years ago

    Very nice, thanks for mentioning. Can be handy with PHP error.log or such kind of things while scripting etc. All for hobby and school/college

  2. AniMatrix 16 years ago

    Hmm, now I tested it. At here it is very slow. When I change to another tab/logfile it looks like its completely downloading the logfile over the network again.

    I found another (commercial) tool which works just fast and easy, realtime.

    Hoo WinTail, it has a better GUI, more options, is much faster, has nice highlighting (dont know if it support regex or wildcards). When something matches it can run a program, send an email, write line in another file, print line to printer. But its commercial…

  3. AniMatrix 16 years ago

    * Didnt mentioning the size of the logfiles I used to test BareTail, they were only 10 and 3 MB…

  4. Thanks for the tip. Hoo WinTail looks great. I might try it too soon.

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