AutoAdministrator allows you to remote execute programs, remote execute services, and remote shutdown and reboot computers.
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In my last post, I discussed the AutoAdministrator's functions that enable you to query remote computers. Today, I will cover the remote execution functions: programs (processes), services, and shutdown/reboot.

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Remote execute programs

Remote process execution is another feature that was not available when I reviewed AutoAdministrator a while back. It enables you to execute all kinds of programs against remote computers, which is quite powerful since it allows you to leverage tools such as psexec and plink.

The former, as you probably know, enables you to execute processes remotely, whereas plink lets you run UNIX commands through SSH. So with this feature, you can issue SSH commands on any number of UNIX machines and see the output right in AutoAdministrator.

Remote execute programs - AutoAdministrator

In the screenshot, you see how I executed the net time command, which returns the date and the time of the remote machines that are displayed in the results pane.

Remote execute Windows services

This function is certainly another highlight of AutoAdministrator. Managing system services on multiple machines is a feature that many expensive system management solutions lack. AutoAdministrator enables you to remotely query, start, stop, continue, pause, and restart services. Furthermore, you can configure the startup type remotely. You can use this feature, for example, to set the startup type of the Remote Registry service on all your machines to "automatic" to ensure that you can use all of the features of AutoAdministrator. It is also possible to remove services or to configure their logon account.

Remote start Windows service - AutoAdministrator

AutoAdministrator displays only services that are available on the computer where AutoAdministrator has been installed. However, if you want to remotely configure the services of third-party applications that are not installed on your PC, you can just enter the service name. You can find the service name in the Windows Service tool by accessing the service properties. Don’t confuse the service name with the service display name.

Remote shutdown/reboot

This function lets you shut down or reboot multiple computers in your network. You can configure a timeout period, after which the computers will shut down. AutoAdministrator will notify users with a message that you can customize. It is possible to force open applications to close, and you can also cancel shutdowns remotely.

Remote reboot computers - AutoAdministrator

My next post will outline AutoAdministrator's remote editing features.


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