I just read in the German magazine Computerwoche (print) that the number of Linux viruses doubled in 2005 (863) compared to 2004 (422). These numbers come from Konstantin Sapranov who works as a virus analyst for Kaspersky Lab. Of course, one has to be always cautious with such numbers especially coming from an anti-virus vendor. However, it is obvious that the growing popularity of Linux makes it more attractive for virus writers and other villains.

In my view, Windows is still less secure than Linux because of the reasons I discussed recently. Considering how things developed with Firefox and Internet Explorer this might change in the future. In the beginning, security was the most often mentioned argument for Firefox, but with its rising popularity, more and more vulnerabilities were being detected.

  1. John 15 years ago

    Technically there is a "Virus" for Linux or any other kind of linux (bsd, OSX, solaris, etc). There are however a growing range of trojans and worms with different flavors of payloads.

    Recently there was a report of a "Macro Virus" for OpenOffice. However this is not a Linux issue it's an OO issue.

    However again, you are correct because throughout the last few years everything has been lumped into the term "Virus" and so it is not the defacto term used for these types of problems.... oh well just my ramblings.

  2. I don’t know how they define the term “virus

  3. threats-review 13 years ago

    Any info on virus threat to HP-UX?

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