A while ago ago, I wrote about the Bulk Rename Utility which offers more or less the same functionality as Ant Renamer, i.e. you can rename multiple files and folders. However, Ant Renamer is much easier to use.

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First, you have to add the files and folders that should be be renamed. You can select files individually or add a folder with its subfolders. It is also possible to only add folders without the files.

AntRenamer 2Once you have selected all files, you configure how you want to rename them. Ant Renamer offers several options for this; most of them can be used without studying the manual: change extension, string replacement, multiple string replacement, string insertion, move string, characters deletion, enumeration, use mp3 tag info, use date & time, random names, change case, take names from list, regular expression, and use EXIF info.

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You can save these defined actions to a batch file which allows you to start the renaming process from the command line or integrate them in another batch file. Maybe, the most important one is the undo function.

  1. CypherBit 17 years ago

    I’ve been using Lupas Rename for quite a while and have been looking for something to replace it. Not that it’s lacking, but I’m always on the look out for something better…perhaps Ant Renamer will be it.

  2. Hi Cypherbit, thanks for the tip. Lukas Rename seems to be a powerful, too. The preview function is probably better than with Ant Renamer.

  3. absquatulate 16 years ago

    ant renamer looks interesting.. but its going to take alot more to get me to abandon denis kozlov’s ReNamer 😉

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