If you are a 4sysops subscriber, you’ve probably noticed that we published more PowerShell beginner articles recently. I put the corresponding links together on one page so you can easily find those introductory articles. I also added a few articles for advanced PowerShell admins.

PowerShell logoOf course, the page doesn’t contain all our PowerShell articles. You can find a complete list of all 4sysops PowerShell topics here. The tutorial is just for articles that you could also find in an introductory book about PowerShell. One advantage of our tutorial over a book is that the tutorial will evolve over time. It is also free, of course.

The tutorial is a work in progress because we will add more PowerShell guides in the near future. Some topics lack links but are included so you know what to expect next. I will also remove articles when they are no longer relevant or if they have been replaced with updated posts.

Please contact me if you want us to cover a certain PowerShell topic. And, if you want to contribute to this tutorial, please send me your suggestions. You don’t have to do it for free.

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Introduction to PowerShell

Important cmdlets

Scripting in PowerShell

System administration with PowerShell

  1. Andrew McNaughton 8 years ago

    I was hoping to use Powershell to activate Windows 7 when using a MAK via VAMT 3.1. It doesn’t look like this is a sensible approach but I’d like a second opinion. It looks as though VAMT only offers cmdlets that would get it to update its entire database and we can’t target individual workstations for proxy activation. >wish we’d gone down the KMS route instead< Can you wonderful gurus advise on this?

  2. Andrew, I didn’t try the VAMT module for PowerShell. However, I think you can use WMI (get-wmiObject) to activate individual Windows machines.

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