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You probably know the System Restore tool of Windows XP. It allows you to restore a former state of your Windows machine if your current setup has problems. Addlogix SnapShot Professional does the same, but in a much more professional way.

I never liked the System Restore feature of Windows because it is somehow half-hearted. For example it only allows you to recover system and application files. This way you can keep user data if you have to restore your system. The disadvantage is that you never get the exact former state of your computer. So, System Restore is only useful for correcting installations that went wrong. You can find System Restore under Accessories-System Tools. Check out this FAQ if you want to learn more about this Windows feature.

Addlogix SnapShot ProfessionalSnapShot Professional is a much more sophisticated tool. It takes complete snapshots of your system. Therefore you will get the exact state back in case of a system restore. So you can use this tool not only for disaster recovery, but also for testing applications. When you are finished with your testing, you can remove the application completely by simply returning to a former state.

Addlogix SnapShot Professional has several other features which go far beyond the System Restore tool. For example you can restore single a file or folder. Let’s say you messed up a Word document while formatting the text and want to go back to former state. SnapShot Professional has an Explorer that allows you to access all files of a snapshot. You can also restore files with a certain extension and search for files within the snapshot. Of course, this feature only makes sense if you create snapshots regularly which you can do with the integrated task scheduler.

Addlogix SnapShot Professional costs $49,99. A trial software can be downloaded here.

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  1. avatar Dave says:

    Hey, this will work on windows xp right? Because I’m very interested in getting it, I have had the same problem in not liking system restore and this is exactly what I’m looking for :)

    PS: Please reply 2 my email address, as I may not visit this site as regularly

  2. Michael Pietroforte Michael says:

    Dave, I tried it on XP. You should get this message automatically, if you submitted a valid email address.

  3. avatar Dave says:

    And i did :) So… where exactly do I pay for it? As I can find many sights for a trial but nowhere to pay…

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