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ADQ_User_lg AD Query is a "user friendly" schema data lookup utility for Active Directory.
It allows you to retrieve all configured Schema data for a single user or computer object, and converts binary data (dates etc) to human-readable format.
This is a VERY handy free tool. I regularly use AD Query to look up email aliases, last logon dates, home MTA and logon script paths for user objects.
The tool also saves searches in a history buffer and you can export the searches to an xml file for later review.

If you own their Password Reminder PRO tool, AD Query plugs in to the Report Console making it a one-stop application for globally auditing your user accounts.

From the publisher's web site:

  • Totally FREE
  • View Schema, Exchange-enabled ADUC, LDAP and AD object attributes with one search.
  • Switch queries between root domain and sub-domains (if you create your free key for the root)
  • Uses data straight from AD and presents all data in human-readable format
  • Lightning-fast query of any user or computer AD object
  • Shows primary SMTP email address and all email alias (proxy) addresses!
  • Shows all listed SPN's for computer / server objects, including DC's
  • Read-only software. Look up Schema data without fear of breaking something
  • Runs on any domain-connected Windows workstation or server
  • Stand-alone executable - Does not require a service or complex installation
  • User-friendly UI, no coding or configuration required
  • Runs under credentials of logged-on user (must be local admin to install)
  • Integrated search history buffer and export of search data to xml file
  • FREE xml-viewer available on our website support page. View your search exports in a friendly    neat structured table format
  • API interface for Password Reminder PRO! Click a user in Password Reminder PRO's Report    Console and auto-launch the user object search in AD Query*
    *feature works with v1.4 or later of Password Reminder PRO
  • AD Query is designed for maximum compatibility with Windows 2000 / 2003 / R2 and Exchange    2000 / 2003 / 2007 and converts all 'binary' and 'tick string' values to a user-readable format

This article is about AD Query v1.3.

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AD Query

  1. Christoph 15 years ago

    Sorry, but the registration required for that kind of tool is kinda overstrained, imho.

    Other than that, really nice utility. Nice find!

  2. Joe 15 years ago

    You don’t exactly make it easy to find either the publisher or the download link here.

  3. Joe, the link is created automatically when someone submits a post. But I guess you are right. I added another link at the top.

  4. Casey 13 years ago

    Looking for the link.

  5. Casey, thanks for the hint. They changed the URL and I corrected it now in the article.

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