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ManageEngine ADManager Plus has a host of free tools to help a Windows administrator. The list of free Active Directory tools is listed below.

free-active-directory-windows-query-tool Active Directory Query Tool: It queries the Active Directory and retrieves details based on the query supplied.

free-active-directory-empty-password-users-report Empty Password Users Report: The Administrator can generate the list of users with empty / blank password by just supplying simple AD information like Domain and Container names along with the user name and password of the user.

free-active-directory-csv-generator-tool Active Directory CSV Generator: The CSV Generator Tool helps you to generate a CSV file that contains a customized array of user specified attributes and the corresponding Active Directory values.

free-active-directory-windows-dc-monitoring-tool Active Directory DC Monitoring Tool: Three of the most important parameters that are monitored by this free active directory software program are CPU Usage, Disk Space and Memory Utilization.

free-windows-powershell-Local-Users-Management Windows PowerShell Manage-Local Users Tool: This is a free tool from ManageEngine ADManager Plus, which lists out all the local users in a specified computer and allows to reset the password of local users of that computer.

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ADManager Plus - Active Directory Free tools

  1. Ashok 15 years ago

    The above tools from ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus are totally free. The Active Directory free tools primarily help an administrator to avoid the need for Scripts or Command Line tools. Instead it provides an easy to understand User Interface to perform various Actions in Active Directory


  2. John McIntyre 14 years ago


    Thanks for sharing your insightful thoughts and suggestions – very cool and helpful indeed.

    In the spirit of sharing helpful information, thought I’d mention that one of my Microsoft colleagues informed us about a cool FREE tool from a Microsoft partner, that offers over 50 super-helpful Active Directory security reports, such as which accounts are locked out, which accounts are set to expire in the next few days, which security groups are nested, where all a user may have permissions etc.

    The tool is called Gold Finger, and it is developed by a company called Paramount Defenses. You can download it from

    Why bother writing complicated scripts, using unsupported command-line tools or paying for such tools, when you can use a 100% AUTOMATED, GUI based, FREE solution that is not only SUPPORTED but also ENDORSED by Microsoft?!

    If you’re into Active Directory security, then this tool is a must-have. Thought I’d share this helpful tip with you!


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