A recent email archiving survey commissioned by GFI Software found that 62.4% of US SMEs have not implemented an email archiving solution within their organization.

When responses were correlated with the total number of employees, it turned out that the smaller the organization, the less likely it was to have implemented an email archiving solution, while larger companies were more likely to have done so.

While the results indicated almost 2 in three of respondents had not implemented an email archiving solution, the survey also revealed that only 33.2% of respondents were familiar with the regulatory and compliance standards in the US that imply the need for email archiving. As before, the larger the business, the more likely the respondent was to have knowledge of email archiving and compliance.

GFI Email archiving survey

Of particular interest is the fact that more than half of all respondents indicated that they have found it necessary to search for and/or restore deleted emails in response to an end user request, to meet an audit or compliance issue, or in response to a lawsuit. A third of all respondents have to do this on at least a monthly basis. This means that a good amount of the participants know the headache they need to go through if they don’t use an email archiving solution, and yet 38% of respondents have neither an email archiving solution, nor even a backup solution in place. For more than one of every three participants, a server failure could directly lead to a catastrophic loss of data.

The results show that more awareness on the benefits of having an email archiving solution is needed. Organizations need to understand that the benefits are numerous for systems admins, end users, and the business as a whole. While the business will be protected through its ability to meet compliance requirements and reduce the risk of data loss, systems admins, as well as the users themselves, will be able to search for any email, and to have a copy of all emails stored separately from their email system – reducing the load on email systems and on local machines. End users will also benefit from having mailboxes of virtually unlimited size, and being able to find any old email without having to request a restore from the systems administrators.

Email archiving solves many problems, protects companies from data loss, enhances the user experience, and is a critical add on to any email system. If you don’t already have an email archiving solution in place, add it to your road map now. You’ll be glad you did.

This guest post was provided by Ed Fisher on behalf of GFI Software Ltd. GFI is a software developer that provides a single source for network administrators to address their network security, content security and messaging needs..


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