4sysops is looking for experienced Windows administrators who would like to share their wisdom. Aside from the good feeling gained from helping other admins and the incredible fame that comes with the job, you can also earn some extra money. You can blog regularly, every now and then, or just once.

Michael Pietroforte

Michael Pietroforte is the founder and editor of 4sysops. He is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) with more than 30 years of experience in IT management and system administration.

4sysops is very much focused on Windows administration, which allows you to address specific technical matters that you encounter at your day job. These are a few possible topics:

  • A how-to article about a typical administration task (e.g., how to activate Office 2010 network-wide)
  • A solution to a Windows administration problem (e.g., a workaround for a roaming user profile issue)
  • A script you want to share (e.g., a PowerShell script you wrote to automate an administration task)
  • Review of a tool you use at work (e.g., review of your favorite RDP manager)
  • A description of a project at work (e.g., how you deployed Windows 7)
  • Explanation of a Windows function (e.g., dynamic memory in Hyper-V)
  • Comments on news relevant to Windows administrators (e.g., a summary of the latest rumors about the next Windows Service Pack)

These are just a few examples. Essentially, you can blog about anything that is worth telling your admin buddy about at lunch. The only difference is that you will have an audience of a few thousand admins and that you have to write it down.

A typical article is just a page long (about 500 words). Assuming you blog about a topic you already know well, this won't take much time. It is also possible to discuss a complex topic in a series of articles.

Of course, blogging is not for everybody. These are the qualifications you should have:

  • Experience in Windows administration
  • Ability to explain technical matters
  • Ability to express yourself understandably in English

Interested in becoming a 4sysops blogger? Then please send me the following information:

  • Time you worked as a Windows administrator
  • A short description of your day job
  • Special fields of interest or expertise (Active Directory, software deployment, etc.)
  • Your experience as a blogger (if available, please send samples)
  • The country where you live and your native language (you should be able to deliver articles in flawless English)

Feel free to ask any questions.

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