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The tools are ordered according to user ratings. To rate a program click on its title and scroll to the end of the review.

  1. ADManager Plus – Active Directory reports and monitoring (+117 rating)
  2. Active Directory Reports Lite – Active Directory reporting tool (+114 rating)
  3. AD Tidy – Identify last logged on user and computer accounts (+49 rating)
  4. SpecOps Gpupdate – WOL, gpupdate, remote restart (+47 rating)
  5. ADModify.NET – Modify multiple user accounts in Active Directory (+41 rating)
  6. Specops Command – PowerShell meets Group Policy (+38 rating)
  7. AD PHOTO EDIT – Import Exchange Global Address List (GAL) images into Active Directory (+33 rating)
  8. AD Info – User friendly Active Directory reporting tool (+32 rating)
  9. AD Query – Search Active Directory (+26 rating)
  10. Quest Object Restore for Active Directory – Undelete AD objects (+25 rating)
  11. SolarWinds Permissions Analyzer for Active Directory – Determine effective NTFS and share permissions (+23 rating)
  12. SysAdmin – Active Directory Management (+20 rating)
  13. Blackbird auditor express – Real-time Active Directory change monitoring (+19 rating)
  14. Managed Service Accounts GUI (+19 rating)
  15. Active Directory Telephone Book (+17 rating)
  16. Active Directory Topology Diagrammer (+16 rating)
  17. PowerGUI Active Directory Recycle Bin PowerPack (+15 rating)
  18. Account Lockout Tools – View lockout status and unlock account (+14 rating)
  19. ManageEngine Free Active Directory Tools (+14 rating)
  20. Group Manager – Allows end users to manage Active Directory group membership (+11 rating)
  21. Softerra LDAP Browser – LDAP viewer and search tool (+11 rating)
  22. IT Environment Health Scanner – Identify Active Directory problems (+10 rating)
  23. NetWrix AD Object Restore Wizard – Create Active Directory snapshots (+9 rating)
  24. ADRestore.NET – the GUI version of ADRestore (+9 rating)
  25. NetWrix Active Directory Change Reporter (+7 rating)
  26. Active Directory Explorer – Active Directory Viewer (+7 rating)
  27. ADMX Migrator – GUI tool for creating ADMX templates and converting ADM files (+6 rating)
  28. Blackbird Privilege Identity Auditor – Audit logon and logoff (+6 rating)
  29. Netwrix Account Lockout Examiner (+5 rating)
  30. NetWrix Inactive Users Tracker (+4 rating)
  31. Directory Service Comparison Tool – Restore changed Active Directory objects (+4 rating)
  32. ADREPLSTATUS – Active Directory Replication Status Tool (+4 rating)
  33. How to use the Quest AD CMDLETs (+3 rating)
  34. Group Policy Refresh PowerShell Cmdlet (+3 rating)
  35. Active Directory Search – Server Admin (+3 rating)
  36. Linking an AD security group to a SCCM collection (+2 rating)
  37. Raffle: Lepide Active Directory Management and Reporting Tool (+1 rating)
  38. Fine-Grained Password Policy in Windows Server 2012 (+1 rating)
  39. Troubleshooting the “Network accounts are unavailable” error in Mac OS X Lion (0 rating)

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