Windows 8 “XP Mode” – Part 2: Windows XP

In the second part of my “Windows 8 XP Mode” series I will show you how to set up the Windows XP virtual machine in Windows Client Hyper-V.

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Windows 8 XP Mode

Now that you have a virtual machine running Windows XP Professional with the Hyper-V Integration Components, you’ll want to do all the things you normally would do to a computer: install all the latest Windows Updates, install antivirus, activate Windows (if necessary), and install your applications that you’ll want to run inside of Windows XP.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to enable Remote Desktop in Windows XP. To do that, go to the computer properties (Right-click on My Computer > Properties or the System applet in the Control Panel) and then go to the Remote tab. Check the ‘Allow users to connect remotely to this computer’ checkbox, click ‘Select Remote Users’ if you need to add user accounts, and then click OK.

Windows 8 XP Mode - Allow user to connect remotely to this computer

Windows 8 XP Mode – Allow user to connect remotely to this computer

Next, you’ll need to install Update 961742. This update will enable the RemoteApp functionality in Windows XP that is available on Windows Server as part of Remote Desktop Services (formerly Terminal Services). After installing the update, reboot your VM.

Windows 8 XP Mode - RemoteApp for Windows XP SP3

Windows 8 XP Mode – RemoteApp for Windows XP SP3

After rebooting, you’ll need to tweak one setting in the Registry. Fire up the Registry Editor (regedit.exe) and go to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Terminal Server\TsAppAllowList. Change the DWORD value fDisabledAllowList to 1.

Windows 8 XP Mode -  fDisabledAllowList

Windows 8 XP Mode -  fDisabledAllowList

Next, open the Remote Desktop Connection client on your Windows 8 computer. In the Computer field, enter the network name of your VM. Connect to the VM to ensure that your Remote Desktop configuration is working. When you’re done testing the Remote Desktop connection, make sure you log completely out of your XP session.

Now that your RDP connection to the VM is working, open Notepad and create a text file with the following:

You will probably want to customize the following settings in the file:

  • full address – The network name of your VM.
  • remoteapplicationname – The name of the application on the VM
  • remoteapplicationprogram – The path to the application on the VM
  • remoteapplicationcmdline – Command line options for the executable; this is optional

Save the file as a .rdp file. As you can see in my example, the name of my XP VM is winxp and I’m running Internet Explorer 6 and forcing the executable to open about:blank when it runs.

Windows 8 XP Mode - .rdp file

Windows 8 XP Mode – .rdp file

Because your .rdp file is not digitally signed, you may receive an unknown publisher warning. In the event you do, click the Connect button.

Windows 8 XP Mode - The publisher of this RemoteApp can't be identified

Windows 8 XP Mode – The publisher of this RemoteApp can’t be identified

Next, you’ll get the RemoteApp connection window. Enter your username and password and your application will run. In the screenshot, you can see IE10 and IE6 running side-by-side.

Windows 8 XP Mode - Enter your username and passwordWindows 8 XP Mode - Internet Explorer 6

Windows 8 XP Mode – RemoteApp connection

In my next post I will discuss some Windows 8 XP Mode gotchas.

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  1. Agnieszka says:

    fabulous set of instructions. one question:

    where do i find “the network name of your VM”?


  2. Joseph Moody says:

    When you edit the RDP file in notepad, you will want to replace “full address:s:winxp” with “full address:s:Computer Name of Your XP VM”

    This is the computer name that you are wanting to run the remote app off of.

  3. Hans Meier says:

    First thanx to your tutorial.
    Is there a way to change the iocon of the rdf file?
    If it is possible i want to use the the icon of the app which i connecting to.

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